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Welcome to Stephensons' online ticketing system.

Annual tickets for 2017/18 will be available from the 22nd July.


 Key dates:


  1. 22nd July,  Tickets become available 
  2. 31st July, we remove any reserved tickets
  3. 15th August, this is the last day that you're able to set up a direct debit mandate for annual tickets.
  4. 01st September,  this will be the first collection date for Direct Debits.




The direct debit scheme we implemented last year to spread the cost of annual passes proved successful and popular.
For this reason, we have FROZEN ANNUAL TICKET PRICES**, they remain the same as 2016/17.

Term passes and daily cash fares, however, will see an annual increase.

Passes for the academic year 2017/18 will become available from the web-cart at the start of the Summer Holidays, 22nd July 2017.

To take advantage of the Direct Debit scheme you need to book your ticket by 15th August at the very latest, the first payment will be due on 01st September. Sorry, this is the last date as we need to provide you with mandatory notice of the first collection.

If you're an existing customer simply add any reserved tickets^^ if you have a new starter that person can be added as an additional ticket in your existing account.

Please retain your existing ScholarSmart card, we will not issue another one for September, they will be "topped up".

Thank you in advance for your support of our services,



The Ticketing Team
Stephensons of Essex


** Sorry, this does not include closed door services to Great Baddow High School or Uttlesford services, 414, 417/8/9, 438, 441,444, 446, or VL5/6 which were subsided in 2016/17. They will, however, stay as the previous correspondence from E.C.C during August 2016. Zone A £875, Zone B £975, Local Zone £775

^^ Reserved tickets will be held until August the 01st, after that date they may be removed by us, please book early to avoid any disappointment.



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