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   Welcome to our online ticketing site.

For existing Horizon customers, the summer term tickets need to be purchased through them.

They are in the process of writing to all parents with the details.

Passes for the new school year, starting in September 2022, will be on sale at the beginning of August

The student passes for the summer term (Term 3) are on sale now.

Here you can buy termly student passes, which offer a considerable saving over daily cash fares. Please be sure to check the Terms & Conditions of Issue using the ‘About Us’ tab on the main website, and the timetable for the route you wish to book, making a note of the route number and relevant boarding points.

If you are an existing pass holder, when purchasing your new pass, please ensure you select the pass holders name from the drop down menu. This will ensure that the new ticket you purchase, will be credited to the existing card you currently hold.

Termly student passes must be paid for, in full, by credit or debit card.

Please note that school passes are available online only, and cannot be purchased over the phone. 


If you require any assistance with your purchase, please contact:

01268 767870 - NIBS Routes

01376 503050 - Stephensons Routes

Thank you.

The Ticketing Team.



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