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GoCard - A new way to pay

Pay for your coach ticket on one of our new Go cards. Just order your card online today and select the type of card that suits you - multi-journey, set period or annual.

Simply use the box to the right to select which service you require. If this is your first time buying online you will need to register an account.

You can buy an annual or set period GoCard to start immediately if you wish and travel using your printed email confirmation until your GoCard arrives in the post. All other purchases must be made five days in advance for your first GoCard, and three days in advance for top ups. Please note that receipts for multi-journey top ups (2,4,10,20 and 40 journeys) will not be accepted for travel. If you have a multi-journey GoCard please plan your top ups in good time or you will need to pay a full cash fare on the coach.

We wish you a pleasant journey!

Telephone: 01795 423982




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